Patron Saint of Haircare

The Bay Area News was nice enough to run this about the show at Eclectix Gallery. Pretty cool since that gal done got herself sold on opening night. The past two weeks I have sold a butt load of work, not that I’m trying to be all braggy, but in this climate it makes me wonder what’s up? I’m actually going to admit right now that I’m running out of paintings to give galleries, it is truly weird. Obama-mania perhaps? I suppose art is better and lasts longer than a Range Rover if you are the splurging type. But after talking with several people we have found that the art market in the traditional sense is doing badly, (Frank Stella, Julian Schnabel and Picasso, that kind of work) but that this whole “Pop Surrealism” and “Low Brow” movement has been steady, especially considering the prices are not as inflated. But even that doesn’t matter at times; look at what Mark Ryden and James Jean have sold for recently and you’ll see what I mean. These are strange times, so for the moment I am putting my art sale money back into making art and furthering my graphic design education in case I have to go back to working like a normal person. Okay, I did buy a Michael Kors leopard print dress, but it was $90, how do you NOT buy that?

I finally finished my Saint for the Forgotten Saints show in L.A. next month, she is Saint Lorelei the Patron Saint of High-End Haircare Products

At a young age Lorelei was apprenticed to a
hairdresser to learn her craft rather than marry. She became known for
her prayer, charity and humility. Her documented miracles are many; she
had once chased the devil out of a possessed salon, and created both
anti-frizz creme and volumizing hair mousse after God had spoken to
her. Since her mysterious death from a chipmunk bite in 1785, she has
appeared in visions and given inspiration to many, including Vidal
Sassoon, Paul Mitchell, and Frederic Fekkai. To keep a picture of St.
Lorelei reminds one never to be tempted by evil, and purchase Suave or
Herbal Essences products.

Other than that I am doing a whole mess of miniatures and work for my show in April at Artchitecture Gallery. But I can’t show you yet, it is a surprise.

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