Oh-so many things!

Finally after over a year of traveling and being thrust into various hands and 2 wait lists that fizzled: The curse of “The Duchess Beatrice” has ended. Someone finally knew what was good for them and nabbed her. Probably because they knew she would class up any room she hangs in — damn right!

I have a bunch of new shows coming up, most in California, so go check ’em out here as I’m sure something will be happening at a gallery near you! I just realized, I have two rather large dual solo shows, and one solo show, coming up between now and September…crap, I better get busy!

I’ve made a new policy that I will no longer donate artwork to charity auctions of any sort — with the exception of one Cleveland institution — so from henceforth I will refuse all begging, pleading, and annoying guilt trips trying to get free work from me. I have had one too many annoying/exhausting/bitter experiences, so best just to stop them altogether.

I finally finished the later unedited volume of Cecil Beaton’s last batch of diaries, verdict: what a bitch! Does it say something about me that I know all too well the people he speaks of in passing, or makes fun of? People most American 30 year-old women would never know? I think my pal Shannon is the only person I know my age who the names Mitford, Manners, Sert, Wrightsman, Bruce and Pope-Hennesy actually means anything. Maybe it means I’m just a big old Queen trapped inside my little queen body? Or perhaps I just retain completely useless facts easily. If there were ever a quiz show just about Hollywood history alone, I’d win it probably.

Would you like to know my latest time wasters? Oh sure you do!


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