End of Year blah blah blah

2008 has been for me personally a year that nothing much really went on. At least, nothing terribly good or bad. The only "yikes" moment being my fainting spells which turned out to be low blood pressure (in which case I need more salt — I love salt!). This was my best year of art sales, which I found so odd considering the past 5 months in this global "crisis", and no matter what, I seemed to have things even out for me. I feel like I have been Jerry Seinfeld in this episode all year. Someone I know comes into crock-shits of cash while another loses everything, I just even out.

2008 has also had all my friends and family in and out of the hospital. Even now I can't turn my head without someone being put on life support; breaking a knee, ankle, shoulder, or wrist; having major surgery; or dying altogether. I'm not the best at handling these sort of things and I loathe the thought of getting old, since it will only mean more of the same. I am currently reading one of Cecil Beaton's diaries where he watches all of his friends break down like an old Buick and lose their youth beyond recognition; the similarities to what has happened to everyone I know this year is depressing, granted, they are all still young. I've made an agreement with a few friends that we shall try to end up in the same nursing home, and demand robot cabana boys to give us our sponge baths. Oddly this plan makes me feel a tad better.

I read once that 2008 was the end of The Age of Aquarius, and that something completely new (technological mostly) would happen while the astrological make-up around us goes into a new phase for the first time in 2,150 years. With the crazy weather, financial markets, and the first black U.S. president, you can't help but think, indeed, something major will happen in the coming years. In any event, I still consider late October to be the end of the year — it makes sense if you think about it — so I feel off to a good start with art shows and trips planned already.

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