Art Basel? Guess not.

This is the start of a new 5×7" piece, and I thought it looked kind of creepy and cool. The photo is a tad dark, but I thought it was interesting. Yes, I stain and tone my smaller works bright ass fushia, now you know. I'll be sure to put up a before and after…

Again this year I will not be making it to Miami for Art Basel; it seems everyone gets to go, or is in it, except for me and I get all "meh!". But I shouldn't pout about it, as the same time all those cats are in warm weather w/ tropical drinks and attending ridiculous art parties, I will be in "little Switzerland" again. Amish country baby! Cheese, cookies, pie! I'll be staying at the same place as last year, only this time skipping the Ohio wine and bringing my own arsenal.

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