Amy and Angela

You may remember this untitled painting from not long ago…


Although they weren’t necessarily part of my “faux portrait gallery” series, one of my collectors decided to not only name them, but also write a fake bio for them! How fabulous. That’s what I like, you know, people making their own stories and interpretations. You’d be shocked to learn how many teachers and students at CalArts were freaked out by that concept — at least while I was there. Anyhoo, I present Amy & Angela…..

“Amy & Angela AKA the infamous “kissing cousins” of Mollowray. As foundlings (presumably sisters) the infants were separated at a very early age and raised independently as cousins by the Duchess of Mollowray and her cousin, the Baroness of Scovelica. Later, the young (15) cousins would marry minor functionaries in the diplomatic corps of Mollowray, but both of their respective husbands were poisoned under mysterious circumstances.After these events the cousins became inseparable and the rumors of their presumed relationship began to spread. Later the widows would often be seen in the company of a single man (but never the same man). It was that this point the notoriety of their supposed licentious behavior multiplied, causing the Duke of Mollowray to exile the ladies to his castle in the peaks of the Portentien Mountains. The duke spent many months attempting to quell the emotions of the ardent ladies, and during this effort, he died peacefully in the process with the girls at his bedside. After the passing of the Duke, the Duchess and the cousins became legendary for entertaining travelers and merchants passing through the Portentiens, a tradition that continued until their passing in 1598. Their hospitality was so legendary that travelers would detour many hundreds of miles to seek an audience with the ladies and “rest” for a fortnight.” — C.H.

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