By George, I’ve got it!

I was filling out a Q&A form in regards to a show coming up in May. The questions were pretty basic, but it was the “what inspires you?” loaded question I always hated that I finally, after all of these years, found an answer to: Me! Or rather, my interests and wants, how I have these dueling sides to my personality that make me a little odd. It is rather simple; high culture and low culture in both extremes, this is how I’ve moved through life and what my interests have always been. So it is no surprise then that my artwork reflects this.

I talked earlier how I want to get off the grid and becoming a drifter, but how can I when there is a certain level of aesthetics and comfort I demand? Am I really going to drag around my 600 thread-count sheets to every cheap motel I live at? Is anyone at the greasey spoon restaurant going to appreciate my Dior perfume? Perhaps my real goal is to be one of those rotten rich aristocratic types who own 4 grand houses and fly on private planes, but who spend their time gambling, drinking, and running with the wrong crowd. There is a moment during a documentary about Ahmet Ertegun where a friend says, “here is a guy with beautiful clothes and could have been an Ambassador, what is he doing in this smoky dive club, drinking sloe gin and talking all that trash?” Ahmet says, “Because it was fun!” “It was fun wasn’t it?” says his friend.

It is hard how I want to be Marlowe, Mad Max or Kowalski, but I also want to be a Hedy Lamar type or Luisa Casati.

I want this car (with black flames on the sides and a chain link steering wheel please)

But want to come home to this table setting

One day perhaps.

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