Vision Gallery recap

Yesterday was an interesting opening, some really good work by others in the show (full photo recap over here). Mostly I was busy trying not to sweat balls; keep my hair from going frizz-o in the humidity; ignore some of the rude art-goers who offended my friends; and ignore the comment about “oh did you do those big eyed people?” phrased as a not-so nice question. If you know me, you know I hate “big eye art” as I’m just really sick of seeing it everywhere. I also got interviewed by someone for something that they told me would be up on YouTube rather soon. One thing about me: you ask me vague generic questions, I’ll give you rambling answers. Doesn’t help when I don’t know where I’m supposed to be looking, and the gal with the mic is a foot shorter than me. So yes, I’m sure it is me being dorky and I will probably avoid watching it.

Whatever, I sold a few pieces right as the doors opened, and it was a pretty good turn out. I label it a success and it always helps to have my friends there to entertain me. The best line from one friend, as someone remarked about my Prada bag and the fact I was brave enough to bring it, “wait, Bella, are we in COLLINWOOD!?” Original artistic haps and new ideas are dirty at first honey, welcome to the real deal. This ain’t Laguna Beach where you can buy some Wyland sculptures.

Looky here, I’m striking a pose…



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