Interviewing & Interviewed

I did a little Q&A for Kotori Magazine with my new art hero Nancy Baker, as well as a little props to Shawn Stucky whose work is awesome.

I also got interviewed by Cleveland based Pink Eye Magazine. I look constipated in the photo, but at least I’m rockin’ out in my Sisters of Mercy t-shirt. I’m like Claudette Colbert when it comes to the photo fussy department, my face ain’t symetrical and bright photo lights bother me.

Oh yeah, I changed a few things on my site in regards to the paintings, I thought it was about time I put a statement up about the “faux portrait gallery” with bios, and seperate those from the regular free-wheeling paintings. Because I’m tired of people thinking I copied those little bios from somewhere, when in fact, it takes me a day to pull it out of my butt and make them up!

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