I don’t do Victorian!

I’m becoming convinced that most Americans simply do not know any other label for centuries, periods,and eras past other than “Victorian”. Once and a while they refer to Georgian era, or Rococo, dress and decor as “Marie Antoinette-looking”. Now I’ve only become nutty about costume/decor history in the past decade, but you would still think between the Queen Elizabeth movies, the Jane Austen movies, and The Tudors series people would stop referring to every painting I do as Victorian!

I don’t do Victorian, I can’t dig it. I can dig Edwardian at times — it brings to mind Boldini, Edward Gorey imagery and Luisa Casati — but I don’t do Victorian in any painting, ever. I may have done one or two Regency period costumes, and only one Georgian (though I used to draw Georgian period scenes a lot in high school).

What I do for the most part is Renaissance with an emphasis on Elizabethan costuming. Mostly basing off English or the more subdued Spanish style of dressing at the time. Like this, or this. And what I do enjoy at times too is the Stuart period, as in King James Stuart, or sometimes known as Jacobean. Or maybe you are more familiar would be Louis XIV “the Sun King”.

So just FYI…
Edwardian, Victorian, Regency, Georgian (a vast period but very “Marie Antoinette-looking” as most Americans I come across call it) Stuart, Elizabethan, late medieval/pre-Tudor which would be the start of the Medici family, and Richard the III sort of deal. There are other proper names and other periods, but if another person points to one of my portraits where the lady has a ruff collar and calls it Victorian, I will scream!

Okay, we got it now? Good. Thanks.

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