Drunk shopping

Sometimes my husband and I like to get really buzzed and then go buy stuff. Mostly “stuff” is candy and over priced coffee, but this past Sunday we got a little more polluted than normal — so of course — he got some interesting things at Target we did not need: Wolverine toothbrush, Grave Digger toy car, and not pictured, a copy of GnR “Appetite for Destruction”. Target is dangerous when you’re buzzed because everything sounds like a good/fun idea to buy.

We also got some fun generic brands you can always turn to in a recession…

Delicare: it don’t clean nothin’ but it smells good. King of Shaves: makes my legs bleed but it smells good. BreathRx: I guess it sorta works. CVS Nail Polish Remover: works eventually, but smells like hell for hours afterward. But dammit, I bought ’em so I’ll use ’em!

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