Fashion Illustration

Once upon a time I used to do fashion illustrations, in fact, quite a few to the point of it being silly. Some even got published in an Italian fashion magazine while I was in college. I also taught it for a while, despite not knowing a damn thing about sewing, and I’m still prone to stitching the sleeve onto the neck by accident. Mostly I just wanted to draw ridiculous outfits I wish I owned. People always complimented me on them, and like the dickhead I am, I’d say, “what, these things? Oh honey I can make up fashions on the toilet, it ain’t anything special”.

I stopped doing these after a while, simply because I thought they weren’t very good, just something to do while watching TV really. Actually, I stopped doing fashion illustration after I had an art show of 24 of them when I first moved to Cleveland — that didn’t go so well, for reasons I won’t go into here. I also had my time wasted when asked to draw up some fashions for the students at Virginia Marti to create during a show. Well, apparently sewing a lingerie inspired outfit, or a kimono, was too hard for them and they couldn’t deal with the fabrics I chose (a kimono is the easiest pattern ever on the face of the planet next to a loin cloth to sew btw). So, I don’t know, maybe it wasn’t that I thought my drawings sucked, maybe it was dealing with bullcrap that soured me on it.

So, here are some images I found in my computer, some have sold, others are on display at Gina’s Gallery in Cleveland (along with quite a few other designs actually, so check ’em out if you can). I guess they’re kind of cute, eh?


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