Michigan Trip

Wow, I really don’t know where to begin on this whole crazy weekend to Michigan. What started out as just a trip to Grand Rapids for a 5k turned into a beer fest of sorts. I’m glad I stuck to my new little program of “smart drinking” where I can enjoy many beers and yet not get hungover at all. But that’s a class I’ll teach someday. Anyways, be sure to click the photos below for descriptions.

At first on the way to Grand Rapids we stopped in Ann Arbor for lunch, remembering how expensive and overrated Zingerman’s is now, we opted for a Whole Foods off the freeway. I was constantly worried about running into people I didn’t want to see, and realized I just cannot move back there for whatever reason unless offered a job of $100,000 or more year. I like a certain level of “smug” but A2 has gotten out of control. Stops at Outlet Malls and such were had, and we checked into a rather nice Travelodge once outside Grand Rapids. My husband likes the bear a lot…

The Brian Diemer 5k was the next day, so we decided to drive around and find food in the downtown area as neither of us had ever been to Grand Rapids. I’d say it compares to Akron pretty much, but with a few nicer restaurants. Anyways, it was easy to spot where we’d be eating — The Hop Cat — mostly because the second I saw the sign my exact words were, “KITTY KITTY KITTY!” It was a damn fine place, with extensive beer list and really good food. Mister is still talking about that “Killer Mac and Cheese”…

Next morning was the 5k race in Cutlerville outside of Grand Rapids. Cute little town, with cute simple people — tractors and all. My man ran 16:57, and was told he won a donut since he actually caught up to Diemer — the former Olympic bronze winner. Friends Stephen and Jennifer came up to watch the race, but before the donut could be had and awards, a parade was to take place. Let me just say this was the slowest parade ever. We realized it was because all the floats and cars were actually stopping at a red light each time. Plans had been made for the 4 of us to meet up at Founder’s Brewery, so it was a toss up, wait for the donut or get some damn beer. After waiting an hour for the parade to end, the beer won out. It was an amusing parade though…

It was time to hit Founder’s, baby. We had been looking forward to it for quite some time and it was a beautiful space. The only problem? The staff, well, they were pretty un-attentive considering there was practically no one in the place. So I’d say, great beers and environment, bad service and a weak jukebox. Still we plan on going back next year…

We really lucked out on the weather the whole trip, and later that day drove down to Kalamazoo to meet up with another friend of my husband, and to hit the Bell’s Brewery. After a short nap at a Hawthorne Suites (dude, those tempurpedic mattresses are so amazing!) we were picked up by my husband’s pal the “Coach”. The Coach took us for a small dinner, we walked around quite a bit around downtown, and then arrived at the amazing and beautiful Bell’s Brewery…

Now, after these photos essentially is when things got interesting; interesting in that we decided to go to a few more places and it was graduation weekend. While I adhered to my “smart drinking” program, others didn’t, and the results were both hilarious and sometimes iffy. I don’t like not knowing where I am, being led around by drunkies, and when testosterone levels of college boys drinking gets out of control and weirdos in cars are offering up free cocaine, I sober up quickly — especially on foot wandering dark streets in a rain storm. I won’t get into all the details, but in the end, we were in a way “rescued” by some college students at their home when the Coach brought us up to their house hidden in the woods. I’ll give you a rundown of various quotes from all of us at one point or another, it should give you an idea of how the night went:

“if your path isn’t righteous, your destination is gonna be crap”
“I’m trying to be the sensible drunk”, “if you were, you’d be telling us to drink more!”
“your purple tiger stripes are beautiful, I want my children to have purple tiger stripes…just. like. you”
“we need 3 more bars, and some Gin and Tonics”
“I think we need a cab”
“I don’t think there should be women drivers”
“We should leave, because there’s gonna be a fight, and I think you might get in the way”
“We can cut in line, they won’t beat us up because you ran under 17 minutes today”
“It looks spooky that direction, and there’s some cops, and a domestic violence dispute”
“it is a 2 mile walk…okay no, 50 meters”
“you are vegetarian and run 3 miles a day, you don’t have gout”, “no, I’m pretty sure I have gout”
“Alright you monkeys, I’m in charge now and we’re walking this direction!”
“Bella Vendetta, Bella Vendetta, Bella Vendetta…have a granola bar”
“I’m cranky, I’m sobering up, and it is raining on me — I hate Michigan”
“I’m taking you to Appalachia, Appalachia in Kalamazoo”
“Be careful, the neighbor wears jeans, and has only one eye”
“Are you guys okay? Do you need coffee? A sandwich? Vegan gummy bears?”
“I want peanut butter, and popcorn…I want a peanut butter and popcorn sandwich”

Yeah. So that was our trip. Not bad for 2 days in Michigan to attend a 5k race, huh?

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