New Poo

Made a new little painting, all within 3 hours. This was due to an overall cluster-fuck of coffee, candy, steak, seltzer water and who knows what else…


In other news, I am no longer a member of the Portrait Society of America. Why? Hmm, well let us see here…

1. waste of time
2. super expensive conferences and seminars
3. they hate mannerists
4. they bow to the altar of Sergent, hence why all the work looks the same.
5. most member work featured — simply hideous.
6. the president calling me to tell me the Smithsonian will sue me for my show title, despite not knowing the the hell she was talking about or having done any research on the matter. Not to mention she sounded like an overall moron (other countries have portrait galleries too besides the US– duh!) and if that’s whose in charge I want no part in it.
7. did I mention it wasted my time?
8. a hideous newsletter that my husband would throw out because he couldn’t stand the art in it. Having it sit on the coffee table was offensive to his eyesight.
9. did I mention it all looked the same? Cheeseball is what it was.
10. south western inspired art or portraits of children with ugly toothy grins in predictable poses – ’nuff said.
11. I SO didn’t fit in with the whole thing.

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