All I ever wanted was a fancy chandelier

The debate has been going for some time as to if husband and I should just go ahead and buy a townhouse or not. After our plumbing fiasco over the weekend, I was very glad I had a building manager next door, let alone I didn’t have to pay for all the hours spent replacing various causes to my apartment nearly becoming flooded. This is the longest I’ve been in one apartment in my life; I rather like it (despite hating my neighbors) and have been told over and over what a great place it is indeed.

There’s really only one reason I want to own a place– besides having a basement bar of course — I want to do some radical decorating! Granted I probably could wallpaper and replaces fixtures and so forth in my current place, it is just the prospect of having to tear it all down again that is annoying. I also have extremely expensive taste. Anything from a group of dresses to a group of couches in front of me — I always pick the most expensive one without even trying. Good design always costs money it seems. Damn me with my lousy bank account and fabulous taste!

Among the things I would like to go crazy on, these fabulous plastic coated pieces here brought to you by

along with any number of wallpapers from

I would also probably do something totally out there, like having mounted unicorn heads in my bedroom like this hotel in Buenos Aires…

And while I’m on the subject, one of my favorite artists, Miriam Wosk, has pictures of her amazing studio on her website. The website as a whole I’m not to crazy about — in color choices or navigation — but take a look and you may get jealous too!

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