Columbus Artwalk recap

Well it was a fine weekend indeedy down in Columbus. I never really walked around or did much there, so it was nice to get a tour of some parts at least. I tell you, High Street is amazing, and I’ve already made plans for two more trips before June to hang out with friends and start working on some giclee prints with those fine good-looking folks at Mahan Gallery.

Well, being this was the first weekend of not complete crap weather, the art walk on Saturday was pretty insane! It was difficult just walking a normal pace for one block. Already at 6pm the street was starting to fill up…



By 8pm it was ridiculous though. Anyways, the show at Mahan looked great, I’m happy to have been part of it…



And hey, look at that. You can’t see but I was totally rocking my Sisters of Mercy t-shirt. Everyone thinks this painting is a portrait of us; I don’t see the resemblance especially since I don’t have black hair or a button nose…

Now, these kids were all into my paintings a little too much — as in actually touching the surface with their oily finger tips! I varnish my stuff and I didn’t throw down with them (3 drinks more and I might have), but when I saw them making poking motions to see how bouncy my canvas was, I thought I best keep a watchful eye.  I sometimes miss my old white liberty spikes…


There was this one really cool old punk/rockabilly/goth couple that I wish I had my camera out for. They had to have been in their early 70s, she had the most awesome black skull purse. Normally you can look pathetic trying to dress like that past a certain age, but they pulled it off in a way that wasn’t tacky or pathetic at all. I hoped Ben and I would look as cool as them someday.

We walked around a bit more after the show; our friends Piss and Vinegar debuted their t-shirts over at Tiger Tree store. We stopped in real quick at Magnolia Thunderpussy, but we’ll be back there soon to take our time on another trip for sure. The next day Bill and Natasha took us to their favorite place on High Street called Betty’s. The wallpaper and pin-up art is worth it besides yummy grub. They also own the Surly Girl bar which has some amazing decor as well.

In all the Short North Arts District is pretty hopping. It makes me sad Cleveland can’t have just one huge place to put everything that is walkable like this — instead of being spread out and spotty as hell. And I may also note that nowhere the whole weekend did I ever see Ohio State Buckeye clothing on anyone — nowhere! So why do dorks in Cleveland wear Buckeyes gear when it isn’t even their team? I’m from Ann Arbor so I don’t care, but I thought it was amazing in a good way.

Of course now our friends want us to move to Columbus.

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