My Boy Ain’t Too Bright

Is this the face of EVIL?


I haven’t done a Milkshake related post in a while, and he is after all an international celebrity. This week he was up to no good…as usual. Besides the fact he now refuses to use the litterbox and only drops bombs in the bathtub; he bit my tongue, which has yet to heal and hurts when I eat; he bitch-slapped husband, making a huge gash on his nose; and the little monster managed to give himself roids, no doubt due to him being agitated all the time and holding his poops in. I think he is getting stupider as well. His loss of grace and coordination, along with the fact he chases and attacks his own tail, cannot be good signs. How often does your cat fall backwards off furniture because he lost his balance? It is a good thing he’s handsome, because he ain’t too bright.

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