Artists I’m Digging

I don’t remember when I first became aware of Louie Metz. Maybe it was the old Onyx Cafe, maybe it was through artist Stacy Lande or maybe some other L.A. gallery like Circle Elephant (now Bert Green Fine Art). Either way, we started showing together at Cannibal Flower around 2002, and I’ve loved his stuff ever since. He captures sordid situations and the L.A. vibe so well. I found him again through Flickr, and I’m happy he has a website now.

Little Robot is a gal living in Scotland that does such great drawings; I’m normally not a fan of this kind of work, but her stuff I like enough that it has inspired some tattoo designs for myself…

Amy Abshier-Reyes does wonderful little portraits, the bulk of which sort of look like gals from Edwardian era up to the 1930s. She’s selling original tiny paintings for cheap too…

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