I realized I only ever truly celebrated Valentine’s Day since I got married. Thinking back, I notice that every time this silly “holiday” rolled around I was either single, or in a long distance relationship (which doesn’t count), or had a boyfriend but was on the outs or temporarily broken up. Husband and I do like having an excuse to go to a fancy restaurant (and candy sales the next day!), but because I hate being around crowds of people and getting crap service, we have a thing were we go out the day before or the day after to avoid the bullshit. You can’t get a reservation anyhow, so why bother?

Does anyone else have this “Sweetest Day” in your state? Or is it just Ohio because American Greetings is based here? Its like Valentine’s Day but in summer, which is stupid, they should make it Steak and a Blowjob Day for the men to balance things out. My single friends sometimes ask me how they can seal the deal with their men; I tell them that although he proposed to me after our first psuedo-date, I got my actual ring after cooking steak in a bikini when I first moved in with him. I was in a bikini because there was a heat wave in Boston at the time and the kitchen was hot, I put it on so I wouldn’t sweat into the food. This was a guy that ate Hungry Man tv diners every night, so the combination made him quite happy when he came home from work that day.

Husband never does anything for actual V Day for me, and I don’t complain. February 14th has a knack for putting a guy in a bad mood and making him stressed out. It might be fun if you are new to a relationship, but after that it just feels like a chore. It doesn’t matter because he buys me candy year round; takes me out a lot; remembers my birthday; our anniversary; does most of the driving on road trips, and works a job he hates with a passion while letting me stay home. After being married 7 years, he still opens the car door for me first, as if we are on a first date. When I first met him when I was 6 years old I must have known a good thing when I saw it, because in my head I pretty much said “Mine!” My innocent little mind not really knowing what that meant, but knowing I wanted him somehow.

As sort of a Valentine’s Day inspired post, I was going to attempt for the first time to write out how we came to be together. Then I realized — it was too damn long. I honestly don’t think any of our friends or family know the full story; just condensed versions or parts of it, even the people who were there don’t know everything, and to this day we discover little details. Seriously though, our love story kicks the pants off pretty much anything you’ve read or heard! It was many years in the making, and I think we are just happy every day that we got to be together finally. He means life and death to me, and I don’t need stupid flowers or a heart shaped box of candy to know I mean the same to him.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have a steak to broil.

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