When Bob Seger Was Good

Can I tell you a bit about how much I love early Bob Seger? You know, back when he was good, before that “Night Moves” crap and the truck commercials that play “Like A Rock” all the damn time?

No? Well tough because you’re gonna hear about it anyways. Because really, before the bad stuff you had this…

Isn’t that the coolest drum kit? Yes. It is.

I was so happy when I friend of mine made a mix of early stuff from the days Bob Seger just played keyboards in Doug Brown and the Omens, to The Beach Bums, and then my favorite Bob Seger and the Last Heard (pictured above). The Beach Bums became known due to the funny song “Ballad of the Yellow Beret” which announces itself as a protest against protesters and has lyrics such as,

Men who faint at the sight of blood
Their high heeled boots weren’t meant for mud
The draft board will hear their sob stories today
Only the best the yellow beret

Interesting how he went from bashing hippy protesters to songs like “2+2 =?” which is a total anti-Vietnam song.
I always liked The Bob Seger System, but damn it if The Last Heard isn’t so awesome with stuff like “Heavy Music” and “East Side Story”.

Well here’s a few videos for you. Ah, makes me wanna head home to Michigan and crack open a Stroh’s.

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