Control: Cheer up emo kid

So I went and saw the Anton Corbijn movie “Control” based off the book, written by Joy Division singer Ian Curtis’ widow. Everyone I know who read the book kinda was “meh” about it; I just went because I like Anton Corbijn, I had nothing else to do, it was my friend’s birthday, and I had never been to the art school campus theater here in Cleveburgh.


It was very well filmed, despite the subject matter it had quite a few laughs in it, and I give the casting people credit for being able to find actors that look enough like the real people. Other than that…I found myself getting bored, a lot. The most interesting things are the riots at shows and the band manager Rob (he’s quite a character in 24 Hour Party People as well). I know the movie was supposed to be centered on Ian Curtis’ private life; what a nutty jerk he could be to his wife and daughter and why he probably killed himself. But I really, wanted to see more band related stuff. I guess his wife wasn’t around for most of that.

I’m actually more interested to hear what his daughter thinks of all of this. She was born the same year as me, and it must be odd having a movie and books written about a parent you hardly knew. That there’s a whole cult following and maybe you are expected to have some insight and be a certain way; must be strange having your dad be the godfather of goth! And yes throughout the movie my friends and I were making jokes about the birth of emo.

I guess the only thing that irritated me was the theater itself. I had never been to this particular art house theater — it reminded me of why I don’t go to both music gigs or regular theaters anymore. My god, as hubby said, “this is the hipster retirement home”. I never knew so many people in Cleveland wore berets. The smug was outstanding, the seats uncomfortable, it smelled, and it just overall annoyed me. I thought I’d go out and try to be social, but wow, I much prefer sitting at home to watch movies. One of these days I’d like to get a big ‘ole home theater built in my home — that is the only way to go.

My verdict: a pretty good movie despite the many ‘blah’ moments. What I really would like to see is a film about Guns ‘n’ Roses — now that would be entertainment!

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