Fan Art: Snape and Sex

Here’s the thing about actor Alan Rickman. I got into him when I was 12, and he was probably 45 or something, odd I know and I don’t know how it happened really. But I wasn’t alone. I’ve found that if you sit in a room with other 30-40 year old women even today and someone says quietly, “you know who’s kinda hot, Alan Rickman” the whole room will go completely ape shit. Yep. It still happens even though the man is, let’s face it, old.


Now, when the first Harry Potter movie came out, I noticed a weird trend. Very young goth gals and not-so-young goth gals suddenly took notice of him and more and more fan sites popped up — especially those dedicated to him as Severus Snape. Considering the man is in his 60s and is still rather “beakish” I found it fascinating. But I guess his character is the ultimate goth wizard fantasy for some? And all these Harry Potter-Goth chicks started posting online fiction of various, um, fantasies involved Alan Rickman as Severus Snape. They’re a new teacher at Hogwarts — and they bang Snape. They’re a substitute teacher at Hogwarts — and they bang Snape. They’re a new student and an S&M situation happens…you get the idea.

I didn’t see the last movie, and I’ve never read the books though I know a little about them. But what I found VERY fascinating was the fan art and erotic art dedicated to both Snape as a character, and just, Alan Rickman as Snape. I would put some examples of what I mean up, but I don’t want some artist to get mad at me. I am by no means making fun of it, I just think it is really interesting. People are doing cartoons of Snape and Potter’s mom a lot, but mostly, art of themselves in various sexual and romantic situations.

To see what I mean, just go to and type in “Snape” in the search. There’s a billion drawings, cartoons and so forth of what I’m talking about.

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