I Wanna Rock

A friend just informed me that Chicago will be host to JemCon in September! Alright, who wants to go with me? It gives me an excuse to visit Chicago which I always enjoy, plus I can buy weird memorabilia and maybe get that Misfits shirt I’ve been wanting. Seriously, how can you pass up something where one of the panel discussions is:

Pizazz: Evil Wench? Or just misunderstood? Why the Misfits appeal is stronger than ever…

Really though, why did cartoons lie to me? Because doing a record label has been nothing like what Jem & the Holograms taught me it would be like. I thought our bands would have overly complicated rivalries with bombs being planted on stage; we’d have a house where we took care of runaway youths; we’d be hanging out with royalty all the time on yachts; I’d have a jealous boyfriend with purple hair and somewhere there would be a chick named Video….who made videos…and had a cousin named Clash…who made clashing noises a lot.

Speaking of big hair, I went to Heavy Metal Karaoke where the club owner actually plays with a live band while people do their thing. Did I mention it was Billy Morris from Warrant!? Oh yeah! Other than some girl killing the vibe by doing a Four Non Blondes song (is that even metal?) it was more fun than any live show I’ve been to in a long while! Between that, and accidentally seeing Valiant Thorr live, I’m starting to wonder what I’ve been missing with the whole metal thing. Hubby and I have noticed that the older we get, the more we wanna Rawk! Anyways, I was especially happy that a girl sang Iron Maiden “Run to the Hills” which was one of my favorite songs when I was about 5 years old. I think I always liked Iron Maiden as a tyke because the album art was so amazing to me

Did Iron Maiden albums inspire me to be a painter as a child? Ah, who knows.

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