Monkeys, Horses, and Buffalo

I’ve been on an animal painting kick lately — not that I’m doing them — just that I’m becoming more interested in trying it out for myself and admiring people that can paint something that won’t sit still for 5 seconds. After trying to paint my cat (my second painted animal ever) I’m thinking I’ll try it again soon. Some animals painters I’m liking right now:

Abraham Hondius
This is one of my favorite paintings at the Cleveland Museum of Art. This web image kinda sucks, but its really big a cool in person. I like monkeys and kitties better than his usual dog portraits.

George Stubbs
He’s most known for his images of horses, lions killing horses, and maybe a poodle once and a while…

but I like this self-portrait a lot too…

Walton Ford
Unlike the other two guys he’s young, alive, and kicking. Inspired by Audubon style illustrations, he does some pretty massive works…

and my favorite…

and there you have it.

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