Cleveland City Dwelling

Well my hand has healing quite nicely from being impaled, and everyone said I should go to a doctor — ha! What do they know? Its called Neosporin people! Neosporin is my cure to pretty much anything in fact. The good news is that there appears to be no glass stuck inside my hand. I’d notice by now, right? Whatever I’m almost done with a painting so it’s all fine and dandy.

Saturday I spent over sort of studio sitting for the Artspace Trolley Hop. I was over at the 1400 Building on 33rd Street, I had never known it to be an artists loft building, but dang if the spaces weren’t HUGE. As much as people bitch about areas of downtown Cleveland, which of course have their problems, it is never as bad as L.A. was (I had my share of being chased, getting pee’d on, walking in pee, seeing people jerk off in public, avoiding drug dealers, being followed, spraying people with mace and overall stress of just working down there). To all you artists out there in high priced cities who want a huge space for little money, check it:

Here’s Bridget’s Loft and gallery space…

loft1 loft0

I don’t know how to convey how goddam big these spaces are, but yes, they are. I forgot to take photos of the urban development and architecture firms offices in there too, but yeah it was pretty fucking cool. And if I told you how much a month they are to rent, you people in London, L.A., SF, Chicago, New York and even good ole Ann Arbor would shit a brick. And this is just one of the buildings out of many Cleveland has done up for all the “creative class” people. I’ve done the whole urban city living thing, I’m past that now, but if I were still into it I would be there in a second.


Now if Cleveland could stop giving away money to inept non-profits hucksters, and fucking up things like losing the CMJ Festival, we’d be doing pretty good I think.

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