Romantic Weekend in Akron

Hellooo Akron!


Okay so this wasn’t meant as a “romantic weekend”, but we decided to make the most of our trip down the freeway 30 minutes for hubby’s race and to visit one of our friends. Mind you, we always have had fun in Akron; friends, good music, a dark bar and getting hammered played a large part in this of course. Akron has really good pizza places — way better than Cleveland for some odd reason — and one of our fav clothing stores that carries Ben Sherman products is located in the Highland Square area. On staying the whole weekend I learned however that Akron has loads of crazies wandering the streets begging for money, it seems deserted for the mostpart, and learned that I should not eat a 10oz. burger while sleeping in a round room. Yes, a round room! While it was fun, it really did give me nasty headache the first night — I never get headaches.


I had read and heard about the hotel in an old Quaker Oats silo, so we decided to stay. I’m not as seasoned a traveler as people who do it all the time for business, I have however, traveled A LOT and stayed at A LOT of Motels and Hotels. Enough that I really think I should be paid to review them as I am quite particular. For instance, I rate my stays at The Falls View Marriott in Niagara Falls and the Holiday Inn in Johnstown, New York to be vastly superior experiences when compared to “luxury” digs, like The Morgans NYC and The Chesterfield Palm Beach. But that’s a whole other write-up for another time.

The Silo Hotel was quite funny and disorienting. It had squishy pillows, a bouncy bed, almost totally soundproof (duh, silo!) my only complaint is the complete shit shower with spastic water pressure and the linens could stand to be upgraded; run by Crown Plaza I don’t know how they decided to label it “the most exciting hotel in the world” when I can think of 6 hotels in Vegas more so, but indeed it was bizarre. The old Quaker Oats ads were pretty fun, as were the choo-choo trains everywhere…





Here’s hubby posing with his trophy from that morning at Akron Aeros Stadium. He got 2nd place in the Masters division:



Here’s the Mary Coyle ice cream shop where we got some yummy grub:


I also don’t know why the shoe repair shop has a mannequin dressed as a pregnent Mexican robot:


In all it was a fine trip except for the part where I threw up from my headache (no more round rooms and burgers for me!), and the part where I caught a cold. But that’s okay, if there’s an awesome show at The Lime Spider — ahem, May 25th — this summer, I will indeed be back up on the rooftop chowing down on a Gyro while tipsy.

Last year I did Palm Beach, San Francisco, Chicago and repeat trips to Michigan in-between various other jaunts…this is the budget year so I have to get excited about what I can.

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