Indie Rock Wall of Shame

Was it holiday here in the U.S. of A? I’ve spent my weekend numbing a lingering migraine with Zombie drink mix and champagne. While our friends The Sky Drops were excellent as always on Friday night, I had forgotten something about going to live gigs that one should always remember: the most awful sucky opening “bands” play for a really long time and crank up the amps to let the suckiness overcome you, especially in a small room. Seriously people, save the amatuer rehearsals for the basement. I know its not very zen to outright tell people they suck and should stop doing something, but I’ve gotten to the point where my time gets wasted enough that I don’t care anymore. Maybe they need to be told they suck? Maybe that will stop the madness. Don’t tell me you haven’t thought the same thing.

I’ve entered a new phase of my life where if I don’t like how something is going, or I’m bored, or I feel like going koo-koo-crazy-Michael Douglas in Falling Down-bang-bang-punchy-stab-stab, I will just leave. This goes for live gigs, art shows, film festivals, bars, dance clubs, BBQs, house parties, plays, lectures, readings, auctions, boxing matches, camel fights, county fairs, monster truck rallys and rib cook-offs that feature the Gin Blossoms as the main entertainment — like this past weekend at the Berea Fairgrounds. Okay, I don’t see how I could leave a Monster Truck Rally as it should be fun no matter what, right? I’ve never been, I’d like to go sometime…really!

This weekend wasn’t a all bad. Friends made yummy food, got to catch up with people, and I started reading my Joan Crawford book; that basically is telling me I’m a lazy untidy unfeminine fatty and should keep my mouth shut and be my husband’s slave, but also have a real job, otherwise people will think I’m boring. All with perfect hair and makeup of course. I love you Joan baby!

I was also productive and decided to hang some framed pictures. Better than them sitting in my warehouse right? This is the “indie rock wall of shame” now in our bedroom, because it is all my drawings inspired by hipster indie rock groupies and the like. There are actually even more framed drawings, but I thought this looked like a good amount to hang. All are still for sale too by the way…


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