Random Things

There’s a guy who lives in a condo across the alley from me…he has no curtains. So I am treated to him walking around with almost no clothes on, and him pleasuring himself in front of his computer. It is quite annoying since almost ALL of my windows face him. He once waived to me. As you can imagine, I am torn between putting a sign up in my window that says, “put some clothes on and get a curtain rod!” but at the same time I get all concerned that he’s just a nut. How many of you have seen the movie Hardware? Yeah, remember the character Lincoln the peeping tom? I always think of that. Doesn’t he care that probably everyone else on my side of the building can see him doing the nasty to himself? Gross.

After seeing Scarlett Johanssen on stage with The Jesus and Mary Chain (which made me want to vomit a little), I have this horrible feeling that Spacemen 3 are going to reform…and Toby McGuire will be playing tambourine with them! Dear bands of yore: fading into obscurity makes you look way cool, stick with that method please.

I don’t like the fact that because I have a legit record label, that actually gets real distribution and so forth, that people feel free to call Elephant Stone “corporate” and tell me we aren’t “really independent” because we have a business plan, barcodes, distribution and licensing contracts in place. Oh dear, we’re effecient. Someone actually emailed me and said they found releases of ours available at Circuit City and didn’t know that we were such corporate shills. Oh, but it is okay to sell stuff on i-tunes and Amazon! Sheesh. Since when does the word “independent” define itself as well-meaning amateur night anyhow?  Maybe I should just beg people to buy CDRs through MySpace instead then.

I saw a dude on a Harley today. He was wearing a long-sleeve dress shirt, khakis, and penny loafers. Sorry bikers, your way of life has been hijacked. When I was in high school, Winter Steele was my hero.

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