I feel quirky, oh-so quirky

The kind of gal I love to hate…


Well, this type I  just feel sorry for while irritated at the same time. It’s just so predictable! The granny hipster look. While it has been around for some time — there were tons in Orange County — I noticed this look increased with the release of Ghost World. Every town has at least 3, they can be found in their natural habitats such as a smelly thrift store, or rancid coffee shop before heading out to buy Betty Boop paraphernalia. Though “quirky” is what they aim for, this can move anywhere in-between the swing fad or mod revival.

I just really can’t stand people who try to act weird on purpose as means to try and be “original”. The kind of people that always feel the need to tell you exactly how weird they are and that they like weird things, because wow, that’s so strange and quirky huh? Yet while they are trying hard to be original and weird, there’s 800 other people that are a total carbon copy. I just don’t like people who are trying to be camp on purpose. Hey, we all have nutty stuff going on in our lives, but some of us don’t feel the need to broadcast it to the world as means to set a first impression. Just to be a jerk, I should say to people who first meet me, “Oh my god, you know what I love? Orgasms. Totally. Orgasms and Thai food. I know, its kind of weird and I’m probably one of the only people that likes that kind of stuff — but that’s me you know? I’m weird like that.”

Original style and supposed ecclectic taste can still come off as just another contrived uniform, kids.

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