I thought it was deoderant

I had no idea about this book, “The Secret”. I guess it sells more than the Harry Potter books, but then again I’m not one for reading or doing anything I’m told by society that I should do. I don’t like being told I need to drink because it is St. Patrick’s Day, I don’t like celebrating Christmas because I have to, and I certainly don’t like reading something just because it is on a best-seller list. I’ve never read a Harry Potter book — it just doesn’t interest me.

I used to watch Oprah years ago while I was unemployed in Los Angeles. I never had a problem with her and I took it for what it was: Fluff. But I just read this article from Salon.com, and thought I would share. It hits the nail on the head.

I never understood people who put their faith and belief in one person or book etc. I don’t get organized religion, cults or people who follow Amway and various pyramid schemes. The ex-con who claims to be an easy-going second coming of Jesus cracks me up.

But really, those Amway/Quixtar people scare me. One of them tried to recruit me, yet he didn’t know what Amway was (hey I grew up in Michigan so of course I knew). The pitch and pamphlets were unbelievable, that smart people fall for it was amazing to me. I sat through it all, just for pure entertainment. Suddenly going to a huge Amway rally drunk on Wild Turkey sounds appealing — that would be entertainment!

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