Hijacked Airwaves

Poor Dr. Keith Ablow, his rating must be slipping. I noticed his foray into complete and utter trash TV from his regular format about a week ago; damn if I’m not tired of the stupid Anna Nicole death already! Here is the description from todays’ show:

Joined by TrimSpa CEO Alex Goen, interior designer Bobby Trendy and New York Daily News columnist George Rush, Dr. Keith discusses the life and death of the larger-than-life public figure who was Anna Nicole Smith.

Wow, they were able to scare up some fab hangers-on weren’t they? And do they mean her tits were larger than life? Isn’t Trim Spa getting sued for false advertising and so forth? The best was when Dr. Keith brought out a women who, “had Anna Nicole as her maid on honor”. Only it turned out she was her renewing her vows and it was a pubicity stunt courtesy of Trim Spa, because the woman lost a ton of weight on it (I’m sure those kidney stones and other side effects won’t happen for a few years). Throughout the interview this women would do the, “when I knew her” “she seemd to me like” and “people didn’t see her the way I did”…YOU DIDN’T KNOW HER. You were a publicity stunt lady! She never met you before that “wedding” day even. And why anyone would brag that Anna Nicole Smith was their maid of honor is beyond me.

My favorite were his guests, the Psychic Twins doing celebrity predictions. While I do believe some psychics are real (usually they are the ones who don’t advertise or go on national TV by the way)  and I’ve seen the proof,  these Psychic Twins were just pandering and doing both very vague and obvious observations. In a nutshell, every child of every actor couple will become an actor — mind blowing isn’t it?

Dr. Keith is doing a show about the Britney Spears breakdown next. And I’m sure Paris will do somthing equally stupid next month. Hey, is Nicole Richie going to be on you think? I mean I think it is just fabulous that these girls are still stupid enough to have photos taken of themselves doing drugs:

I never wanted to pay for cable, but it is this kind of crap on regular TV day and night that just makes me wonder where everything went wrong and maybe I should get cable to block out certain mind numbing content. Do I have to watch PBS all the time now? Some day, people will look back on this decade and wonder how it was, that these little rich party girls, held our society and media outlets hostage they way they do. That the new millenium was hijacked by a girl named Paris with size 14 feet….amazing. And look at the effect it has had, that this bloated former Playboy Playmate who hasn’t been relevant in a decade has died, and the news won’t stop fucking talking about it still! You’d think she was Eva Peron! And of course Elton John had to get interviewed on his thoughts about the whole thing. Did he re-write that song for a 3rd time? I hope not.
Remember when Princess Di bit the dust, and the news outlets did the, “oh yes and by the way, Mother Theresa died too”? Yeah. I just can’t watch the news anymore. I can’t watch TV anymore. Now I know why people flip out and move to a cabin in the mountains.

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