The portrait is done when…

It is kind of weird, but I’m told I’m not alone. Even though all the men I paint are completely made up, I know a work is done when I look at it and go, “Yeah, I’d totally bang him”.

A friend told me in this case, that I like hipster men with hipster haircuts, so of course I’d bang this one in particular. “He’s not a hipster, he’s not he’s not!” I said, at least that wasn’t the intention; I just wanted him to look moody and like a fashionable eccentric, but in a very uncaring sort of way. Maybe I’m still upset my husband buzzed off all his hair — who knows.

Anyways, here’s Adolphus the Marquess of Vienwray, 8×10″ oil on panel:

At least I had a few other gals tell me, that yes, they would hit that too.

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