The DNA results are in…

I’ve been witnessing the decline of class, decorum and any hint of shame during my afternoon lunch TV sessions. I know, daytime TV pretty much caters to the unemployed trash of the western world (I do not have cable so I can’t just watch a cooking show) but it has become increasingly so, to the point where people are actually tricked into thinking this is the way to behave. Kathy Hilton is just as much of a skank as her daughter Paris, yet she was even given a show where she dictated and judged the behavior of country bumpkins in accordance with how an heir or heiress should act (I’ve known country bumpkins with more natural class than the Hilton money can buy). If you have ever seen episodes of Flavor of Love — that’s what trash TV has done to a generation of women. That’s what they think is fine and classy. Of course those women have the combined I.Q. of a Tic Tac and are competing for a man who’s only claim to fame in the past 20 years has been, “Yeeeeaaah Boyyyyy”.

First I  watch Tyra, just because she is camp — and knows it. But lately it has just become one big commercial for whoever the sponsor is that day or celebrity guest: Naomi Campbell perfume, Hilary Duff clothing line and of course every girl needs a makeover courtesy of Caress skincare products before they go to meet their long lost relative….esh!

What I want to know is, how much money do these DNA diagnotic centers really have that they are advertising non-stop and sponsoring all these damn paternity test shows? Maury Povich and Judge Hatchett have got to be rolling in it! Really now, every court show and talk show is all about the woman who brings on 7 guys and none of them are the father! Ah, remember the good ole days when having a bastard was shameful enough that A. you didn’t publicize it B. you had to use the last name of another relative for the baby and c. you were viewed as used goods? Oh yeah, and you didn’t humiliate the baby by bringing it on national TV with several men in tow calling you “nothin’ but a ho” who of course high five eachother and do a touchdown dance when the results are negative. Why would you do that to your kid? You think they aren’t going to be showing reruns by the time they are in 5th grade? Great, now the whole school will know your mom is a slut, with bad taste in men too retarded to use a condom. Yet throughout all of these shows — no one has any shame. I guess if they had shame or were even slightly concerned what impact this may have on their families, they wouldn’t be going on a TV show in the first place huh?

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