Effort in Art

I had once done a “BUNNY!” drawing as a joke and hung it in a CalArts gallery along with all my “serious” paintings, and I sold the Bunny right off the wall to a classmate. Everyone loved that goddam rabid foaming bloody bunny with throbbing eyeball veins and the little children trying to pet it. They asked about it all week; stupid bunny rabbit drawing, it took me 3 seconds to draw that thing as a joke while I was hung over, why they dig it so much? As like most of my work, the stuff I do as a joke, people tend to go for versus the stuff I actually slave over — which pisses me off sometimes. Heck, even my brother bought the painting I did of a sloppily rendered gigantic breasted cowgirl who had large spurs for nipples. It said in big letters, “Howdy Ellie May!” Too bad he chose not to hang that in his office for all of his clients to see — he’s a shrink.

So can you tell the difference between real effort, loftiness or genius, and a joke that is meant to trick everyone into thinking it is genius, but really it was just a wank while the person was high and didn’t care? I think certain artists are being obnoxious on purpose, and laughing behind everyone’s back because famous collectors and dealers read too deeply into it. Sometimes art doesn’t have to be about intellectual masturbation, sometimes a big huge titty is just a big huge titty because they are fun to paint.

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